Crytocurrency Mining Banned in Iran for 4 Months Amid Power Cuts

Posted on Wed, 26 May 2021 16:58:14 +0530 - internet

Iran has banned the energy-intensive mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for nearly 4 months, President Hassan Rouhani said, as the country faces major power blackouts in many cities.

Bitcoin Reclaims $40,000-Mark as Cryptocurrency Volatility Lingers

Posted on Wed, 26 May 2021 16:32:19 +0530 - internet

Bitcoin climbed back above for the first time this week, as recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market showed few signs of dampening down. $40,000 (roughly Rs. 29 lakhs)

Bose Ransomware Attack Exposed Employees’ Data Including Social Security Number, Company Discloses

Posted on Wed, 26 May 2021 14:39:36 +0530 - internet

Bose discovered a ransomware attack on March 7. The company’s data relating to six former New Hampshire employees was accessed and potentially exfiltrated. The exposed information included the employees’ name, Social Security Number, and compensation-related information.

TCS Sees Pandemic-Driven Boost in Europe as Clients Adopt New Technologies

Posted on Wed, 26 May 2021 14:27:59 +0530 - internet

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is seeing acceleration in some parts of its business across Europe as the pandemic pushed companies to adopt new technologies more rapidly, a top executive said. Europe has been the fastest growing region for TCS from where it gets about a third of its annual revenue.

Colonial Pipeline Hack: US to Boost Cyber Protections for Supply Companies following ransomware attack

Posted on Wed, 26 May 2021 13:48:40 +0530 - internet

The Biden administration is working with pipeline companies to strengthen protections against cyberattacks following the Colonial Pipeline hack, with announcements of actions planned in coming days, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said.

Google Faces Antitrust Probe in Germany Over Anti-Competitive Practices

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 17:37:29 +0530 - internet

Germany's antitrust regulator said it has opened an investigation into Google over anti-competitive practices, wielding a new law that has already been used to scrutinise other US tech giants.

$STOPELON: Investors Accuse Musk Of 'Manipulating' Crypto Market, Form New Meme Currency

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 15:17:30 +0530 - internet

Investors in cryptocurrency fed up with what they call Elon Musk's market manipulation through his social media posts and public appearances like hosting Saturday Night Live, have created a new token called STOPElon.

Ethereum Closes in on Long-Sought Fix to Cut Energy Use Over 99 Percent

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 13:15:54 +0530 - internet

Ethereum and better-known-rival Bitcoin both operate using a proof-of-work system that requires a global network of computers running around the clock. Users and developers of the world’s most-used blockchain have been wrangling with its carbon-footprint problem for as long as it’s been around. Now, they say, several recent breakthroughs will finally enable them t...

Charlie Bit My Finger Sells As NFT for $760,999, Winner to Re-Enact Video With Lead Characters

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 11:19:29 +0530 - internet

Charlie Bit My Finger has been auctioned as an NFT, and now will be permanently deleted from YouTube. The NFT sold for over $760,000, or more than Rs. 5 crore.

Bitcoin Not for Us, No Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Desk: HSBC CEO Noel Quinn

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 10:55:15 +0530 - internet

HSBC has no plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk or offer the digital coins as an investment to customers, because they are too volatile and lack transparency, CEO Noel Quinn said.

Cryptocurrency Prices Bounce Back From Sell-Off, Bitcoin Still Down 30 Percent in May

Posted on Tue, 25 May 2021 10:28:51 +0530 - internet

Bitcoin jumped more than 10 percent during a surge in cryptocurrencies Monday, regaining some ground lost during a weekend sell-off that was sparked by renewed signs of a Chinese crackdown on the emerging sector.

Bitcoin Price Rises Marginally After Weekend Sell-Off Fuelled by China’s Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Mining, Trading

Posted on Mon, 24 May 2021 17:22:40 +0530 - internet

Bitcoin price saw a marginal gain on Monday after a weekend sell-off pulled down the cryptocurrency market, which is hurting most recently from China’s ban on cryptocurrency mining and trading.